Lace High-Quality Postpartum Panties For Pregnant Women BLK0087

Short Description:

Selected soft and delicate fabrics, breathable, high elasticity, skin-friendly soft zero friction, always dry and comfortable, refuse the embarrassment of bacterial odor and discomfort, suitable for a variety of body types, wear assured.

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Product Features

1. Flat style panties, naturally wrapped, soft and comfortable, seamless and high elasticity.

2. Fast moisture absorption, anti-bacteria and comfort, take care of your health.

3. Stretch hemmed leg, / easy not to tighten and not binding, user-friendly.

4. Use of environmentally friendly plant printing and dyeing, non-fading, safe and healthy, visible texture.

5. High-waisted belly, help users to reshape the S-shaped curve, showing sexy buttocks.

6. 6 colors to choose, can be changed daily.

Product information


Waist circumference

Suitable weight


Within 1.8-2.2 feet

85-110 pounds


Within 2.2-2.6 feet

110-135 pounds

Material: 95% nylon 5% spandex

Color: Skin color, lotus pink, green, light gray, black, throat red

Gross weight: 0.1kg



Slim Medium  Loose


Breathable Slightly thick Highly breathable


thin moderate slightly thick

Health Tip

Underwear worn for a long time may have the following problems:

● Fabric function loss

● Bacterial odor residue

● Moisture absorption and breathability are deteriorated

● Mold and mildew make skin allergies

Intimate underwear, it is recommended that 3 months to change, more healthy.

Washing instructions

* It is recommended to use special laundry detergent or soap hand wash in warm water at 30 ℃ to ensure that the panties are clean, try not to wash with other clothes together.

* Do not use hangers to support the elastic fibers that can easily cause deformation, and it is recommended to dry naturally in the sun.

About Customization And About Samples

About Customization:

We can provide custom product service including pattern, color, logo, etc. Please contact us and prepare information such as samples or drawings.

About Samples:

You need to pay the sample fee to get the sample, which will be refunded to you after you place the official order. The sampling time varies from 5-15 days, please contact our customer service for details.

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