Maternity Underwear Low Waist Cotton Suitable For Pregnancy BLK0086

Short Description:

This product is made of pure cotton fabric, after the lint removal process, so that the fabric is skin-friendly and soft, providing a comfortable wearing experience for women.

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Product Features

1. It is a "breathing cotton", with strong breathability, moisture wicking.

2. Light stretch leather band, long wear is not easy to deformation, comfortable and soft not to strangle the waist.

3. Comfortable hip design, widen the leg, stretch the leg curve, no longer afraid to pinch the buttocks.

4. Wrapped non-marking design, wearing more natural.

5. The use of active printing and dyeing, not easy to fade, to ensure the quality of color.

6. Low waist design, no strangulation of the belly, giving users a sense of security.

Product information


Waist Stretch(cm)

Waist Flat(cm)













Material: Cotton 95% Nylon 5%

Color:  black, pink, orange, gray, skin

Gross weight: 0.2kg

Underwear recommendations

From the health point of view, it is recommended to change it once every 3-6 months.

Long time wear breeds a lot of bacteria.

Multiple washing of the fabric causes discomfort.

Residual stains are difficult to clean up.

Washing instructions

1. Hand wash with warm water below 40 degrees, do not use bleach

2. Dissolve the special alkaline laundry detergent in water for washing

3. Do not put laundry detergent in direct contact with clothes to avoid yellowing and decoloration of clothes

4. Dark-colored laundry will produce slight color loss, floating hair and other phenomena in the wash

5. Need to be washed separately from light-colored clothes

About Customization And About Samples

About Customization:

We can provide custom product service including pattern, color, logo, etc. Please contact us and prepare information such as samples or drawings.

About Samples:

You need to pay the sample fee to get the sample, which will be refunded to you after you place the official order. The sampling time varies from 5-15 days, please contact our customer service for details.

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