Maternal And Child Industry Hotspots And Maternity Products Market Monitoring Analysis In Recent Years

In recent years, the scale of the world maternal and infant market has been expanding. At the same time, the maternal and infant industry is developing towards segmentation, and various maternal and infant brands have fully explored the consumption needs of pregnant mothers, making the pregnancy product category more segmented, covering various aspects of pregnant mothers' life such as clothing, diet, going out and beauty. The new generation, represented by the post-1995 generation, has gradually become the mainstream of the mother group, and they have new characteristics in terms of parenting concept, parenting behavior, consumption concept and consumption behavior, which will accelerate the upgrade and change of the mother and baby market.

Data show that when buying maternity supplies, the post-1995 mother group will pay more attention to health, safety, quality and other elements, price sensitivity declined. Professional analysis believes that, with the importance of pregnant mothers for maternity supplies quality, the future of how to produce high-quality cost-effective products will be the focus of development direction of major enterprises.


The post-1995 pregnant mothers were born in a period of high per capita disposable income, enjoying the benefits of good economic development, and have a higher propensity to consume. At the same time, the proportion of only children is relatively high, and their good family conditions have exposed them to a different view of consumption than their parents' generation, so the young group, as the main force of new consumption, is also very strong during pregnancy.

Under the consumer upgrade, the scientific and trendy concept of maternity is also gradually gaining popularity. Along with the awakening of women's sense of independence and autonomy, the beauty economy is no longer limited to young and unpregnant women, the old generation's maternity ideas are no longer applicable to this era, and pregnant mothers are beginning to release their beauty-loving nature. For the maternity crowd, their needs in all aspects of pregnancy are developing towards refinement, whether it is clothing or makeup, which has become a necessary category in their minds.

Post time: Mar-10-2022