How To Transform Traditional Enterprises In The Era Of The Second Child

After the implementation of the new policy of the second child, it is expected that in 2018, the country's newborns are expected to exceed 20 million. According to the "Data Insight Report" provided by Avery Consulting, China's pregnancy and infant industry is expected to exceed 2 trillion yuan by 2017. But the problem is that this market has long been saturated. Struggling old brands, and to face a large number of new "spoilers", a melee, inevitable. In such a predicament, where in the end the competitive opportunities?


The strategy guru Trout once clearly defined the essence of "brand competition": "A true brand is a name or symbol in the mind of the consumer that represents a specific category. It is the category, not the brand, that plays the key role in the consumer's mind; the brand is meant to express the category. Advertising agencies and corporate marketers, in general, overemphasize the concept of 'brand loyalty', which is actually a misleading in itself."

In fact, the brands that are currently going strong and standing out in the mother and baby industry are basically "segmenting new categories or redefining categories" as a magic breakthrough, providing customers with "new value in the category". And the brand "Beilaikang" provides a good example of inspiration for the transformation of traditional enterprises.


Beilaikang made a decisive decision to re-implement its brand positioning strategy in the face of a fierce competitive environment. First, they joined forces with obstetrics experts from the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong and Shanghai to clearly define the term "maternity" as a common sense term: "women in the eight weeks before and eight weeks after childbirth." This led to the development of a series of innovations; In addition, Beilaikang unites 172 authoritative maternal and infant institutions and uses WeChat public number and APP to gradually form an online expert consultation and maternal support platform.

This successful decision has made Beilaikang one of the leaders in the mother and baby industry in China and has proven that "new market segmentation/new category definition/new product breakthrough" that brings new value to customers is the secret to winning the competition.

Post time: Mar-10-2022