Beilaikang + Millot Design: Reaching Strategic Cooperation

Recently, Beilaikang, a famous maternity care brand in China, and Millot Design, a French design company, held a signing ceremony and reached a strategic cooperation to create high-quality maternity care products with international first-class standards. It is reported that France Millot Design is a well-known multinational design professional organization, and is one of the few international professional design companies that won the "IF Award, one of the world's three major industrial design awards".


This cooperation will be of great significance to Beilaikang's brand upgrade. Beilaikang's main product "Shaping Belly Band" is well received by users, and this product is the masterpiece jointly created by Beilaikang and Millot Design. After the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, both parties will continue to optimize and upgrade the existing belly band products based on their respective resource advantages and bring better quality products to domestic and foreign consumers.

In 2006, Beilaikang joined hands with obstetrics and gynecology experts from China, the United States and Japan to create the "China maternity care products" industry, which is the earlier brand to enter the maternity care field in China. After that, Beilaikang have reached a strategic cooperation with two international organizations, WEYERHAEUSER and SUMITOMO, to ensure that Beilaikang products are synchronized with the international market in terms of material and technology.

Cooperation with Beilaikang allows Millot to grasp users' postpartum shaping needs and product usage based on Beilaikang's existing big data advantages, combine with its own professional design capabilities to optimize and upgrade, and create a shaping belly band with better experience, so that mothers can get rid of the pain of postpartum body out of shape and regain their former health and confidence.


The person in charge of Beilaikang said, relying on high-quality imported materials and international top technology, Beilaikang maternity care products have been recommended by many obstetricians over the years, with the help of Millot Design, the professionalism of Beilaikang products undoubtedly has greater significance. So far, more than 5 million mothers have witnessed the high quality of Beilaikang, and in the future, more mothers will benefit from Beilaikang's professional shaping belly band products.

Post time: Jun-03-2019