Cotton Seamless Non-Stiff Ring Nursing Bra BLK0076

Short Description:

This product is suitable for use during pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding and while sleeping. The surface with exquisite lace design, beautiful and sexy; the lining is made of soft and comfortable fabric, skin-friendly and breathable. The front opening design is convenient for breastfeeding women to avoid embarrassment at the same time.

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1. the fabric is skin-friendly and breathable, reducing stuffiness and comfortable to wear.

2. solid support for the chest, effective gathering of the chest, shaping the sexy body curve.

3. front open button design, convenient for breastfeeding, to avoid embarrassment.

4. wider shoulder straps, reducing pressure on the shoulders and providing a more comfortable wearing experience.

5. using highly elastic fabric to make the bra underwires to better accommodate changes in breast size during breastfeeding.

6. Comfortable and snug fit, can also be worn while sleeping to prevent breast outgrowth.

7. 4 rows of 4 buckles on the back with a wider design to avoid compression of the back and tighten the back fat.

8. fine craft production, good durability, not easy to take off the thread, can be worn for a long time.

9. The use of healthy and environmentally friendly fabrics, does not contain harmful substances.

Product information


Lower Bust

Upper Bust

Corresponding to normal bra size








80/36   85/38




85/38   90/40





The material: Fabrics:Nylons  Lining:Cotton

Color: Gray, Green, Purple, Red

Gross weight: 0.3kg(M size)

About Customization And About Samples

About Customization:

We can provide custom product service including pattern, color, logo, etc. Please contact us and prepare information such as samples or drawings.

About Samples:

You need to pay the sample fee to get the sample, which will be refunded to you after you place the official order. The sampling time varies from 5-15 days, please contact our customer service for details.

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