Breastfeeding Bra With Front Closure For Breast Feeding Women BLK0072

Short Description:

This product is a professional nursing bra, designed for nursing mothers. Due to the influence of estrogen, breastfeeding mothers’ breasts become bigger and heavier, and they also need to feed their babies frequently. This product is designed to meet the needs of breastfeeding mothers with its high elasticity fabric and openable design.

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1. High-quality raw materials, after multiple tests, with good antibacterial and skin-friendly, suitable for making intimate clothing.

2. With patented appearance design, fashionable, simple and natural.

3. Ergonomic design effectively gathers and supports the breasts, creating a perfect body curve.

4. Widened sides and back to better wrap free fat and reduce flab.

5. The front of the bra is designed with a clasp that can be easily opened, making it easy for nursing mothers to breastfeed their babies.

6. Washable, easy to dry, easy to replace and can be worn all day long.

7. The fabric is only 0.3mm at its thinnest point, soft, comfortable and breathable, effectively reducing stuffiness in the summer.

8. One-piece design cut from a full piece of fabric with no seams for more comfortable wear.

Product information


Lower Bust

Corresponding to normal bra size










The material: Spandex/Cotton/Nylon

Color: Black, Purple, Red, Green, Skin-color

Gross weight: 0.12kg(M size)

Packing: Packed in small plastic bags in single pieces, or can be custom packed according to customer's needs.

About Customization And About Samples

About Customization:

We can provide custom product service including pattern, color, logo, etc. Please contact us and prepare information such as samples or drawings.

About Samples:

You need to pay the sample fee to get the sample, which will be refunded to you after you place the official order. The sampling time varies from 5-15 days, please contact our customer service for details.

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